Lotus Foods Ramen (V/GF)


This was my first time trying these vegan & gluten-free Lotus Foods ramen noodles in my Crockpot Ramen. I was honestly skeptical, even while they were boiling, but they held their own and tasted very good! The flavor was just like the egg-noodle ramen that I remember from my pre-vegan days, and the color was similar as well.

Definitely follow the cooking instructions, cook at a rolling boil until the noodles start to fall apart and then stir gently and bring down to a gentler boil for three more minutes. Keep an eye on them because they seem that they could overcook quickly.

The only note I’d make is that the servings were off. The bag says that 1 of the ramen cakes is two servings, whereas really 1 cake was about one serving in my book, and we were really hungry so between my fiancé and I the whole bag was gone in one night. #WillBuyAgain


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