Crockpot Ramen

This is so exciting – my very first blog post and it just so happens it’s on the day that I first try to make ramen broth in the crockpot.

The idea came to me one day when I stumbled upon another ramen recipe that looked so yummy, but I knew I would not have the time to stand by the stove for hours to really let the broth flavors develop. Then the lightbulb went off and I thought, “Crockpot”!

I am not a huge crockpot person by any means, but it sure does come in handy sometimes and it worked very well here. I’ve made ramen countless times, so this is my personal favorite combination of broth seasonings.

I put the broth ingredients in the crockpot in the morning and here’s what they looked like when I returned home… YUM. The whole house smelled so good, as garlic and mushroom aromas just wafted right at me when I walked in the door.

This is the crockpot after I came home from work – smells so good!


The oyster mushrooms were just so pretty, I had to take a picture of them as well.

Also (review time!), it was my first time trying these vegan & gluten-free Lotus Foods ramen noodles. I was honestly skeptical, even while they were boiling, but they held their own and tasted very good!  #WillBuyAgain

See full review for these Lotus Foods Ramen Noodles Here

Recipe: Crockpot Ramen

Serves: 2-3

Broth Ingredients:
  • 16 oz. Vegetable Broth
  • 8 Garlic Cloves, rough chopped & smashed to release the oils
  • 1 Thumb Ginger, rough chopped
  • 6 Scallions, rough chopped (can use some of the white & green parts)
  • 6 Dried Mushrooms (I used cremini, but you could use shiitake too), rough chopped
  • 1 Tbsp Tamari
  • 2 tsp Sesame Oil
  • 1 Tbsp Yellow Miso
Other Ingredients:
  • 3 Servings Ramen Noodles (See above I used Lotus Foods, you can use any noodles you’d like)
  • Oyster Mushrooms (or Cremini or Shiitake would both work well, too)
  • 4 Garlic Cloves, minced
  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • Scallion, thin chopped for topping
  • Other possible toppings: Chile oil, tofu, bok choy, any other veggies or other things you like in your ramen
  1. Put all broth ingredients in crockpot and stir to distribute the miso, tamari & sesame oil. Leave on LOW for about 8 hours. Then turn to HIGH for at least one hour (and/or if you have time, you could do the HIGH setting for an hour in the morning).
  2. Drain the solids and discard (or save them for stock or something later, but the dried mushrooms really never get back to the consistency for eating, they stay chewy fyi)
  3. Cook ramen according to package directions.
  4. Heat olive oil in pan on medium heat and sauté the garlic and onion. Let it sauté for a short time (about 30 secs), and then put a ladleful of the broth in and allow the mushrooms and garlic to finish cooking.
  5. Assemble the bowls: layer the ramen, broth, and then top with mushrooms & garlic, and sprinkle with scallion.

We love to top ours off with a few drops of chile oil too. If you want to stretch the servings, you could add tofu and other veggies. Next time I definitely want to add sautéed bok choy as well.


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